Inner Skin

Italian alternative-rock band Inner Skin was formed at the end of 2018 as a project by music producer Alberto Frasson. In his native Italy, Frasson is an acclaimed visionary music profile who functions as the guiding beacon for Inner Skin’s musical approach. The band’s singles Poison, Brothers and Claire, sculpted by famed producer Fabio Trentini, were met by critical acclaim and all showcase an exciting and intriguing journey through energetic and unpredictable alternative rock where group members Francesco Tripaldi on bass and Giorgio Ranciaro on drums all contribute uniquely to their highly personal sound.

The band’s meteoric rise in popularity was temporarily stalled by the onslaught of the Corona pandemic – before 2020 their music videos were watched by circa 150 000 viewers – but during 2021 work on a full-length album was initiated to make way for an album release in 2022, coinciding with a European tour.

Inner Skin presents alternative rock that impacts, moves and shakes the listener. Don’t miss out on booking and enjoying this powerful and creatively unique live act.