We mainly focus on Booking and Tours but we can also provide our bands and artists with other valuable services, such as the following:

  • Booking and Tours
    GN Entertaiment has a solid international network of concert arrangers and booking partners and for select clients we offer to book bands and artists for single gigs as well as short or long tours.
  • Management
    GN Entertainment has years of experience of taking bands and artists to the next level in their careers and for select clients we offer this service.
  • Label Services/Distribution
    GN Entertainment’s sublabel GN Records offers worldwide physical as well as digital distribution to expose your music to as many potential listeners as possible and in the best format and quality possible.
  • Publishing
    GN Entertainment offers select artists and bands to have their music protected and administered for royalties worldwide through GN Publishing.
  • Music Production
    GN Entertainment’s worldwide network of high level music producers and music studios are available for our artists and bands to take their musical ideas to realization.
  • Promotion & Promo Material
    GN Entertainment offers a network of skilled photographers, videographers, designers, copywriters and marketing specialists to promote your music worldwide in the best way possible. We also produce merch such as t-shirts, bags, business cards, backdrops or coffee mugs.
  • Website Production & Hosting
    GN Entertainment offers high end website production and design for bands and artists as well as hosting and updating services for already existing websites.

Questions? Feel free to send us a message: