GN publishing works with musical compositions and the people who have written the music and the lyrics for these, the so called music creators. A big part of our enterprise is finding and developing skilled songwriters and lyricists and enabling them to devote themselves fully to their creative work by having us handling and representing their rights to the music they create. We endeavour to increase the income for music creators, protecting their rights and being supportive in the creative process. Our goal is to create as good circumstances as possible for music creators so that they can focus on and make a living from their music. To put it simply, our business has three roles: a creative one, an administrative one and a financial one.

Our creative role includes discovering, stimulating, developing and supporting talented songwriters, composers and lyricists. We function as advisors in helping music creators finding interesting collaborations and opening new doors into the music business, as such we are representatives towards artists, labels, promotion and production companies and many other users of music. An important task creatively is placing music in a variety of situations, in licensing the music to different types of users from varying contexts. For example, it could mean including music in a recording, a film, a TV show, a computer game or an advertisement. We can also help publishing your music as sheet music. Additionally, we work to let music creators collaborate with other music creators, for different projects or simply just for developmental or inspirational purposes.

Our administrational role includes helping music creators registering their music with various copyright organisations, for example STIM or NCB, certifying that royalties are collected whenever music has been used or performed, such as for TV or radio, comcerts, studio recordings, downloads and streaming services. By recognizing where and how music has been used, we can monitor whether there are uncollected royalties from a certain territory or context. We also handle permissions and licensing for using music in audio-visual productions such as synchronization, games, music drama, printed sheet music etc. We also monitor to see whether music has been used without permission. We can also assist with legal advice for disputes with other rights holders.

Financially, we can also offer support, since it may take a long time before songwriters, composers and lyricists can start earning money from their music. Support could mean anything from offering an advance payment for a promising project to being offered free access to a music studio. We can also finance and produce demo recordings, assist with studio equipment, musical instruments and sound services such as mastering and mixing. We can also finance printing and distribution of sheet music.

Let us do the hard work that you as a music creator may want to leave out so that you may focus fully on what you enjoy the most – creating new music.