The following releases by our PLATINUM artists are produced or licensed by GN Records, distributed worldwide physically and digitally by RedEye Distribution.

Yonder Tree

Yonder Tree started out as a fascination by the music of Gino Vanelli with singer Tony Brorsson and guitarist/keyboardist Mikael Svahn, musician friends since childhood in the rural town of Hedemora in Sweden. They experimented with new music to celebrate the genius of Vanelli, and attempts to form a band were made but were sadly interrupted by the pandemic of 2020. As work resumed a year later, singer Tony Brorsson carried this concept further by having even more music written, sculpting a nostalgic but fresh throwback nod to progressive rock bands of the 70s and 80s, and surrounding himself with new band members. Brorsson describes the name “yonder tree“, symbolically picked from an old Vanelli album, to represent a private and secluded place where one has the time to think, ponder and relax – and be creative.

Yonder Tree’s debut album Seasons features nine newly written impressive cuts showcasing Tony Brorsson‘s soaring vocals atop an energetic and rich vintage rock backdrop, consisting of guitarist Jonas Isacsson (Roxette, Horisont), keyboardists Jocke Niehoff (Shirley Clamp) and Daniel Lantz (Beat Funktion), bassist Lars Risberg and drummer Roine Johansson (Robert Wells). (An appropriate trivia is that bassist Lars Risberg actually played with Gino Vanelli, the source of the band’s inspiration!)

1. Seasons
2. High
3. Waves
4. Mysterious Road
5. Gino
6. Passage Of Time
7. Heart Of Stone
8. Take The Light
9. A New Day Born

Available on vinyl, CD and digital worldwide.

Ellah Grace
Give Me Just A Minute

The debut album of Swedish soul queen Ellah Grace features an intoxicating mix of soul, funk and pop! Her lush, sparkling and powerful voice, through nine self-penned numbers, is here framed by the soulful accompaniment by keyboardist and producer Mats Björke, guitarist Jonas Isacsson, bassist Lars Risberg and drummer Roine Johansson (Jeff Suri on #9), creating a captivating soundscape that resurrects the groovy vibes of vintage 70s and 80s funk heroines such as Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Chaka Khan. Don’t miss out on this brightly shining rising star!

1. I’m Not Running
2. Give Me Just A Minute
3. Let It Rain
4. A Beat
5. Don’t Give Up On Me
6. Guiding Light
7. Monsters
8. Miracle
9. Be Alright

Available on vinyl, CD and digital worldwide.

Inner Skin

Italian alternative rock band Inner Skin, a powerhouse trio consisting of Alberto Frasson on vocals, Francesco Tripaldi on bass and Giorgio Ranciaro on drums, presents a fresh twist on what rock bands until now have done in the past in combination with an intriguing futuristic and innovative mindset. Energetic, raw and thrilling, Inner Skin’s music will amaze, surprise and enthrall by its ingenuity and sheer power. Fans of alternative rock should not hesitate to savour this outstanding rock trio!

1. Brothers
2. Care
3. Lone Sleeper
4. Once
5. Poison
6. Siren
7. Whispers
8. Claire
9. Icarus

Available on vinyl and digital worldwide.


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