Mother’s Finest

“A lot more funk than rock”, or “a lot more rock than funk” is how most people experience the American band Mother’s Finest, one of the most charismatic, established and energetic music groups in the music business, one which has carved out a niche entirely its own and impossible to pigeon-hole. The band has toured worldwide since its inception in the early 70s, and under the leadership of the immensely talented vocalists Glenn “Doc” Murdock and Joyce “Baby Jean” Kennedy, with a stable and hard-swinging rhythm from guitarists Gary Moore and John Hayes, bassist Juan Vandunk and drummer Dion Derek, Mother’s Finest prepare their own catchy, musical potion consisting of equal parts soul, funk, rock, metal and pop, framed by a mesmerizing stage show.

With a dozen of critically acclaimed albums behind them, such as Another Mother Further (1977), Mother’s Finest has appeared and cemented their position as one the most multi-faceted American bands with the greatest hits, showing no signs of wanting to stop. The band has been elected into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and tours intensely still today.